Speed Date – A BMMCC Short Film (Mature)

Speed Date Film PosterSynopsis: Speed Date is a black comedy about Jack and Natalie who approach their allocated time together with different mindsets. What could go wrong?.

Written and Directed by Bulent Ozdemir.

Kevin Leslie
Olivia Moyles

Hey Folks. It’s been a while! Today I’d like to share my short filmSpeed Date‘ with you. It’s probably the only film I’ve made that showcases my sense of humour which some people may find inappropriate. But if you’re anything like me, I think you’ll enjoy it πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Speed Date – A BMMCC Short Film (Mature)”

Shadow Warriors – A New Short Film

Shadow Warriors Film Laurels Poster Bulent Ozdemir

Synopsis: Two vigilante warriors out to rid their city of a notorious gang boss have only one thing standing in their way. Their RIVALRY.

Shadow Warriors is a Martial Arts short film Written and Directed by Bulent Ozdemir. The story centres on Black Eagle and Red Flame, rival vigilantes who are both out to bring down gang boss Chen-LU.

Honor.Β  Respect.Β  Rivalry.

It had to be something I knew would be worth making. Something that would take me away from what I’m “known for” and most importantly, something FUN. If I had to describe my vision for Shadow Warriors, It would be along the lines of: “The visual grit of Daredevil at night, with the fun chemistry of Big Trouble in Little China”. Continue reading “Shadow Warriors – A New Short Film”

Color Grading – 3 Reasons I’m Hooked


The above images are a series of RAW files that I downloaded and graded from scratch. They’re stills from a short film shot on a Red Helium 8K camera titled ‘Underdog’ by Director Jonny Mass of Abandon Visuals.

Over the past 12 months (longer) I’ve dedicated myself and time to the the world of post production. More specifically: Color Grading. Dynamic Range, LOG, RAW, Color Science, Curves, Wheels, LUTS, Codec Fidelity the whole nine yards.
Continue reading “Color Grading – 3 Reasons I’m Hooked”