BMCC / BMPCC – BozBMDFilm to Rec709 Utility LUT


Not to be confused with a ‘Stylized Look LUT’ – I created the BozBMDFilm_to_Rec709 Utility LUT out of a need to make my own color grading life easier… >>> More

Panasonic GH2 – BozGH2Pana GT Film LUT

Panasonic GH2 Film LUT BozGH2Pana GT

The LUT has a subtle yet noticeable effect on your image by gently adjusting the GH2’s color hues, contrast/saturation levels, highlights and shadows to create.. >>> More

Canon Picture Style – Boz FLAT_V1 (.pf3)

Canon Picture Style Boz Flat_V1

Consider BozFlat_V1 as the -6 contrast setting you wish you had on your Canon DSLR Camera! No muddy images with this picture profile 🙂 >>> More

Free 4K 35mm Film Grain – BozGrain35


My gift to you is a 15 SECOND 4K 35mm Film Grain Overlay. Each frame is individually animated from a scanned image so no frame is ever the same! [Download]