Shadow Warriors Film Laurels Poster Bulent Ozdemir

Synopsis: Two vigilante warriors out to rid their city of a notorious gang boss have only one thing standing in their way. Their RIVALRY.

Shadow Warriors is a Martial Arts short film Written and Directed by Bulent Ozdemir. The story centres on Black Eagle and Red Flame, rival vigilantes who are both out to bring down gang boss Chen-LU.

Honor.  Respect.  Rivalry.

It had to be something I knew would be worth making. Something that would take me away from what I’m “known for” and most importantly, something FUN. If I had to describe my vision for Shadow Warriors, It would be along the lines of: “The visual grit of Daredevil at night, with the fun chemistry of Big Trouble in Little China”.

And if you haven’t noticed already, the emphasis being on FUN. 

I started off my filmmaking journey 7 years ago with doey eyed aspirations of making Fantasy, Action and Adventure Genres. One thing led to another and by the time I knew it, I found myself making thrillers, horrors and dramas. Why? Because for me, they were the easiest to make in terms of script to screen frugality.

With Shadow Warriors, I’ve made a conscious decision to go back to my filmmaking roots: Fantasy, Action and Adventure. This was in part thanks to my producer Soo Cole who made me realise how much love I had for the Martial Arts genre from when I was a Kid (amazing what you forget over the years) — So here we are. A new chapter and a new short film.

I’ve setup a facebook page for Shadow Warriors, the ONLY place you’ll see me in front of camera from time to time! Updates will be production related and hopefully enjoyable to follow and importantly, interact with. Check it our here –> Shadow Warriors FB Page.

We don’t need your money, just your eyeballs and voices. Please share, like and spread the word. Thank you…

…I mean don’t get me wrong, If you have money burning a hole in your pocket then yeah, sure, I’d be happy to take it off your hands 😉

Until next time.

Update #1 – 29th May 2017: That’s a wrap on Principle Photography! 

Update #2 – 30th June 2017: Post Production is now complete on Shadow Warriors. Our UK premiere will be at the Fighting Spirit Film Festival in September!


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